Friday, March 4

Chivalry is Dead

I beg to differ Sire! According to the Round Table Knights chivalry is still very much in existence. I first came across RTK after hearing a remix they did and being completely blown away by it! Not only was I blown away, but everyone (with any decent music taste haha) I played it for experienced love at first sight (with their ears duh). Embrace the Martian made famous by Kid Cudi is the track I am referring to. You can find it below of course!

So back to RTK, I just bought their album from BeatPort and I wanted to share a few thoughts about it. At first listen some of the songs just don't sit right at first but after a 2nd round it comes around much more nicely. They list themselves as Disco/Psychodelic/Surf! It's amazing how people can do such a good job describing their music because that is spot on. The things I love about this album is the usage of so many small noises that just tickle you and keep you smiling or nodding your head. A lot of interesting instrumentals and I feel like they were live instrumentals which is always a plus in my book. Keeping the listeners interest is what matters the most obviously, and although the tracks sometimes feel a bit too repetitive they always do a wonderful of creating a drop you want to dance to. Below is a super official compilation of many of the tracks. I think All Night and collectively all of the short songs less than 2 minutes are my fave. Check them out...

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