Tuesday, August 3

Neon Hitch mashes it up

(Benny, Neon and a very large pitcher of mohito)

If you don't know about Neon yet then you might as well get on the wagon now and start bumpin her jams because if she was a bag of popcorn she would be poppin so loudly in your home microwave. Screw the microwave though and just put her in your speakers! Neon has quite the unique past compared to most of us, growing up a gypsy lifestyle in the England countryside, constantly traveling, avoiding the law, and not having many of the things we take for granted in our lives. I wish I could find the documentary of her when she was a youngin' but it is evading me at the moment. Over the 3-4 years that I have known and listened to Neon her voice has found its home and has developed beautifully. Her style is spot on for the covers/mashups below so please enjoy them as much as I did! I'm sure she has many thanks to give to Benny Blanco as he has worked with her on many of her songs and her debut album. I guarantee that you will hear about Neon again in the near future, maybe as soon as a year from now! Just this time last year I was seeing Ke$ha perform on a stage in front of maybe 100 people at most and now she's on tour with Rhianna, which is not selling out btw! I wonder why... maybe the video below will help. Thanks to my beautiful girlfriend Meredith for showing me the parody!
Below you'll also find a few mashups by Neon, one of which was just released today. They're all fantastic so peep them and hit the link to download them to your brain/computer.

What Starry Eyes Know (Two Door Cinema Club vs. Ellie Goulding) - Neon Hitch
Check out an older post on Ellie HERE

Neon Hitch - Drop it Like its Hot (Snoop Dogg cover) <33333333

Neon Hitch - Billionaire (Who Fuckin' Cares) (Travie McCoy cover)
~Only the humble should be rich~

Neon Hitch - Cooler Than Me - Sia vs Mike Posner (Posner cover) <33333
Mike's album dropping the 10th!

Ke$ha you are poop, here is why.

Neon's Documentary! MUST WATCH

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