Friday, August 6


Long time, no post. But I think I'll make up for it with the goodies I'm bringing. Feast your ears on Gritt, and if his name doesn't tell you what to expect, I don't know what will. Hell Yeah is just one of those songs that makes you feel like the apocalypse is going to happen as soon as you press play (but in a good way, if that's possible). I think the best way to describe this one is to simply say that Hiroshima is LUCKY that we didn't decide to drop this on them instead, give it a listen and you'll know what I mean. Nowadays, what post would be complete without an Ellie Goulding remix? So that's what you're getting. Still heavy, but nowhere near as massive as Gritt, this remix of Lights by Eyes is sure to be a party favorite (kind of like Cheetos, or beer). Ok so now to take you back down to Earth a little bit, which is ironic because the band's name is Mansions On The Moon. Check out the video for She Makes Me Feel. I was going to just post the song, but I think it would be doing the song an injustice to post it without the music video, especially for the first time listening. To steal a line from film critics: "It is visually stunning." I just cannot stop listening to this song, and I think these guys are going to blow up in the very near future. Give it a shot and there is zero disappointment in your future my friends. I have to throw one more in just because the guy gets an A for comedic creativity with his name. Hoodie Allen is a fresh face in the rap game, and a lot of people that hear him think he sounds like Jay-Z vocally, which I don't hear but decide for yourself. All of you kids born in the late 80's are going to love some of his references too, Nicktoons anyone? Happy listening everyone!

Gritt - Hell Yeah
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Ellie Goulding - Lights (Eyes Dubstep Remix)
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Mansions On The Moon - She Makes Me Feel

Hoodie Allen - You Are Not A Robot
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