Tuesday, February 2

Taking over the interweb

So recently I came across this band is from Cape Town, South Africa by the name of Die Antwoord (really recommend checking their site out, some class A shit) and they are pretty much out of their minds. The group is composed of three individuals, who have been friends for all of their lives. The Dj, has access to a Pc computer and I think that's the source of their beats, the guy and the girl are nasty dirty, not with each other though, thank god. Now, the really scary lookin little person that certainly has a deformity or two is up to you guys to figure out because I have no idea what's going on there. But their craziness has resulted in something special? The accents are nothing but difficult to understand but I may just not have the right ears for it. I've included three videos of them below if you can't get enough of them. A bit of a warning on the "Enter the Ninja" video, it's pretty f*@$ed up.

Die Antwoord came out with a new track

Die Antwoord - Fishpaste Jar (download) right click & save as

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