Sunday, February 7

Get Your Facts Straight

Decided to look a bit further into one of my top artists that I enjoy spinning as well as keeping on the iPod. So it turns out that this Woman is actually a man! Now, why did I think that it was a woman? Well maybe because every single song has a gorgeous woman voice in it and the name Morgan Page could very well pass for a V or a D. No offense to any readers with the name Morgan out there... So Morgan is from LA and he has been producing electric music for quite some time now. His most recent album named Elevate included the track Longest Road which was apparently nominated for a Grammy after Deadmau5 put his paws on it. The songs combine the pop feel of powerful singers, take a little pinch of country and electric house to make it feel realll nice. So check the content below and think about purchasing his album since 13 real great tracks for $9 is sooo cheap.

Morgan Page - Fight For You

Morgan Page - The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix) <33333333 href="">download

Morgan Page - The Longest Road (Nowakoski Rhumba Bootleg)

Natalie Walker - Over & Under (Morgan Page Remix)
download <-- 320 :D

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