Friday, November 27

Party Track

As the Thanksgiving week closes up and you're spending the last two or three days at home or visiting family I hope you get a chance to party it up if you haven't already done so. To help lubricate your party situation a bit let me throw a few tracks at you...
The first is a fire mashup over from White Folks Get Crunk and gets people bobbin their heads and shakin their asses before you can say I'M THIRSTY!!!
The second might is by my favorite band at the time called the Classixx and it sets a very good theme for any night because I'm not sure if they're saying get started or retarded. It might be both, either way they are both fully acceptable. Hope you enjoy the rest of your break and that you are eating left overs at like 4 AM because you're drunk off your ass.

Wiz Khalifa, Umek & Beltek, Usher - The Army of Yeah - The White Panda
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Classixx - Cold Act Ill
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