Sunday, November 15


After 72 years the AMA has now recognized marijuana as having beneficial medical value. It's about god damn time, whether it's all mental or it does actually serve a purpose in treating patients it helps people and that's enough in my opinion to do something positive with it. I also recently read that in portland the very first cannabis cafe opened up allowing authorized users to enjoy their cannabis in privacy and a relaxed atmosphere outside of their home. Big steps are happening guys! Living in VA I don't think any of these amendments will be coming soon but I'm sure one day every state will have some kind of leniency towards weed.

I'm not too big into sports of any kind but I can honestly say the I appreciate the athleticism that these men and women display. Watching highlights gives me a boner forreal. The video below is a mini commentary about Dock Ellis, pitcher, who pitched a game, by accident, on LSD and did amazing during the game. It's pretty ridiculous if you ask me but I love it.

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