Monday, October 19

A Sweet Death

So I was about to start studying when I randomly came across a cover of Ayo Technology originally sung by 50 (fi-ty) and JT. Not only is this a cover but it is also a completely different approach to the meaning of the song. The meaning I haven't really understood yet but the artist ends up being suffocated by the sweet/thick syrup of the alluring maidens around him. The artist, Milow, hails from over seas as you will bea able to hear in his pronunciations of certain words but it only makes this cover more interesting. The accoustic intro reels you in and once the drums drop along with a few other instruments its game over. Make sure to give it to him or her after you're done listening to this song.

Couldn't leave without droping a song for everyone so here is a remix of Ayo Technology by Johnatron who is from San Jose in Cali. He has some really legit remixes on his myspace so check it out if you got the itch.

Ayo Technology - 50 Cent ft. JT (Johnatron Remix)

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Tmo said...

that johnatron remix is nastyyyyy