Thursday, October 15

Bottle shaped body like...

As much as I want to keep myself from posting Kanye tracks because he really doesn't deserve to be listened to until he takes his cool cap off I couldn't help but let you guys in on this rediculous mashup by Xaphoon Jones. This track takes Testify by Kanye Stupidweezy and layers it over the instrumentals of Reckoner by Radiohead. It's funny that Xaphoon chose to use Radiohead's Reckoner because Dj Earworm did something very similar with Love Lockdown earlier this year. Hands down the best of this track starts around the 1:20 mark where Thom Yorke's voice pierces the sound waves and continues with Lupe who I miss a good amount. Both tracks can be found below...

Testify (Radiohead x Kanye West ft. Lupe Fiasco)

Reckoner Lockdown (Dj Earworm Remix) (Radiohead x Kanye West)

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