Tuesday, October 27

Lonely at the top

There are a lot of ways that the video below can be interpreted and I don't think there is a point in the video where it makes any more sense than when it first started. In the past few years Kanye's head has been growing exponentially. I mean who can blame him? Everything he does is successful, yea he may have done some ridiculous shit along the way but it was only for the attention. No one has stopped listening to Kanye because he actually took a dump on Taylor's (almost said Miley, haha) head on live tv, I mean look at this blog, Kanye is in the top 3 blogged artists. Am I proud of that? I don't know, but the point is that he's made an impact. The thing about Wayne & Kanye is that they both have evolved in major ways, starting from The Carter and moving into the Carter 3, wayne has had a completely different style every album. Kanye almost made me gag when I saw the first live performance of Love Lockdown on SNL (I thought it was a joke fittingly enough). But his attempt to take rap/hip-hop to an entirely new chapter of his book was something pretty daring. But it grew on us and now... we're locked down. Where is it going from here? Who knows. I think you owe it to your self to sit through the 11 minutes that are below. Maybe Kanye has gotten to... well, Kanye. Maybe he's realized how he's acted, I doubt it though. Even if I have some sympathy for people at the top, an appology and a return to earth is really all people are looking for. Don't bellitle yourself Kanye, just come back to your roots. (I'm sure he'll read this)

NOW, to balance out this influx of Kanye on this blog let's drop something sooo sexy that you'll forget all about Kanye and his little rat heart thing. This goes out to someone special.
If you haven't gotten a green eyed love yet, you should really try to do something about it, it'll make your life so good. Lift me upppp <3

Mayer Hawthorne - Green Eyed Love (Classixx Remix)
Now put it on repeat and feel good


Anonymous said...

lol that picture is so horrible, yet so funny

nmL said...

nice write up dude. songs classy also!