Friday, April 22


It's been a while, I've undergone various changes sexually, and emerged with the cock of a heavy metal unicorn. What gets my rainbow dick hard might you ask? Electro. And not that watered down peasant shit, I'm talking EAR BLEEDING RIOT INDUCING banGers.

Maybe with a side course of trance remixes for next level flavor dispersion, and perhaps some catchy euro house for guilty pleasure's sake.

Electro is back though, new tracks from electro heavyweights like Sebastian, Justice, Designer Drugs, Crookers, Laidback Luke, Bloody Beetroots, Swedish House Mafia, Congorock, MSTRKRFT, Dada Life are making leprechauns work over time at the end of my rainbow ejaculate, CAUSE THAT SHIT IS UNREAL. If you don't know any of those artists on the list go kill yourself in a wood chipper on slow. Seriously people, rap is a joke besides a few artists, any pop song is made by our friend from high school, jazz doesn't exist, country music is for uneducated/ignorant/boring sub-humans. It's like an easy multiple choice test....process of elimination have to to chose electro!

Artists who are creeping up my leg into my fruitful loins who deserve at least a look: Canblaster, Hardwell (Tiesto related, I know, give him a chance) Lucky Date, Religion, and Villians get my rainbow child maker wiggling in ways I didn't know.

If you're mentally incapable of reading all this fucking truth, then go listen to Designer Drugs latest mix, an hour full of moisture inducing beats. If THATS EVEN TO MUCH for your embarrassingly peasant/pilgrim/fetal mind, then just go listen to DESIGNERS DRUGS REMIX OF TONIGHT ONLY'S WE RUN THE NIGHT.

Actually, its not's a link to the full mix, although the remix is conveniently the first track for you lazy pieces of mung.

Sorry for not being polite, but honestly, people are stupid, and need to be awakened. What better way to gently wake someone from their ignorant slumber via metal cock, possessed by a mythical creature.
No Prisoners, No Fun, -Pete out-


Dj Lova said...

Well put, can i get some links bitch?!!!!

Big Pete said...

Yea you got some fucking fat sawwsauuggeee links now son

Dj Lova said...

hahaha, finally something I can beat off to.