Wednesday, March 17

The Dark Knight (parody)

Recently got back from Boulder, Colorado where I had 5 days of non stop fun and excitement. Granted that I passed out by midnight the first two nights and had lots of people sit on my face while I was passed out just means that I partied to my fullest. I realized that even though the dj scene out there is so much more developed than in SouthVA Blacksburg people are basically not too far ahead of the general consensus of what good/popular music is. aka it's basically top 40 shit out there and uness an electric song has lyrics that sillys can sing to they won't be listening to it. Point of my story is that everyone out there that is already into the electric scene keep spoon feeding your friends and soon enough they'll thank you/admire you for telling them about things you love! Well, that's that and now I have this for you!

Probably one of the funniest videos i've seen in a while...
Thanks to Anthony Cronin who showed it to me, also thanks for telling me about tunnel baby and thanks to deadmog5, jens and cando for showing me an awesome time out in CO. Much Love to all of them

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