Thursday, July 29

Test, Test, T-T-T-T-TEST

First Post. Stressed. Knuckles white. Sweat dripping down the back of my neck. Eyes Red. Pressure building. IBS flare up imminent. Must make grand introduction like nothing the world of indie-hip hop and folk-house-americana mash ups the world has ever seen.

So...I'll talk about why I don't think anyone should listen to Vampire Weekend. And by anyone, I mean you. Vampire fucking Weekend. I don't even care why they called it that, worst name ever. Werewolf Afternoon is way better. Nosferatu Night? Dracula Daytime? All of these > Vampire Weekend.

"But but but they are so original, their music is so new and different and pushing boundaries and" no. no no no. It is not different. It is twice apprehended! COPYING AND MOCKERY I TELL YOU.

Soweto or soukous rythms combined with pop music. Where have I heard this before.


Quote from the lord of pop culture, wiki-pedia: "Vampire Weekend was dubbed the "whitest band" by Christian Lander, the creator of the site Stuff White People Like." Hipsters of the world, please take your jhorts elsewhere. Vampire f'ing Weekend just got pwned by Paul Simon. The entire "Graceland" album is better than anything some rich kids from Columbia University ever made.

PS. I could call you special sauce, and special sauce, you can call me Todd.
PPS. Sorry for the haterade, interwebs! From here on out its nothing but cream cheese and sunshine, word up.

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DJ Phunk said...

Cool story, Hansel. But you're missing the fact that Simon ripped off tons of other musicians when he recorded Graceland. He even stole a song from Los Lobos when they came into the studio to record with him and never gave them credit.

Brilliant album, but let's call a spade a spade.

PS - Vampire Weekend sucks.