Wednesday, June 2


Just got back from Ocean City this past weekend and was able to party it up proper style with the wonderful crowd that fills up OC for the summer! WOoOO.
While in Seacrets I was out getting wasted for $8/drink I was listening to the new top 40's and although OMG came out a little while ago it's still a bomb ass track! So here are to mixes of it that I was feeling, the first is by Vindata and just makes use of the chorus which is enough to get some people off. The second by Almighty is much more technoesque but it's got a lot more lyrics in it and gets pretty melodic to let you beat the beat up until it drops. Get your teeth knocked out dancing to these! Def. a fan of the melodic breakdowns myself, but this one is a bit too corny for my taste.
Scroll a bit and you'll find yourself in a land of Pharcyde. One of my favorite songs to pump the brakes to and drive slow to!

Usher - OMG (Almighty radio edit) (couldn't get the embed to work from so here is a gay youtube video instead)

The Pharcyde - Passin Me By

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