Wednesday, May 12

Keep talking that chat Gucci Mane

So Gucci Man is out of jail and boy he's got some cars up his sleeve now! His future plans include
  1. "Start up Brick Squad Records record label."
  2. "Begin recording with rapper Wacka Flocka Flame in the near future.
  3. Tour the nation being the G he is
Mad Decent made a shirt to celebrate the occasion right ova hiya
PREVIEW@!#@!....Keeeeeeeeep scroooooooooling

Mad Decent's own Diplo created something called the Cold War mixtapes
The mixtapes make's work of Gucci's lyrics
example: "I just shitted on your ride, but my nikes match my necklace and my necklace match my rims...something. blow my nose, probation GUCCI." Well if you didn't know anything about gucci you now know everything that you need to!
Ignoring the mixtape is hard though, highlighting names like Bird Peterson, Douster, Benzi aka Mr. Get Right & Willy Joy, Brodinski, Flying lotus as well as a handful more. YEahhhhhHHHHH
It's worth the free download though, because it's entertaining as hell and the production work is top shelf as well as the gltiches, pops, synths, breaks and the basslines that make you want to smoke crack. SKEEERTTTTTTT


DJ Mehdi - Pocket Piano (Brodinski Remix) | Download

Soulja Boy - Kiss Me Through the Phone (Benzi Remix) | Download

N.E.R.D - Everyone Nose (Douster Remix) | Download <-- BASS


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Anonymous said...

hahah, yea that link is funny but Diplo needs more credit than that write up gives him. He's classy, not a hipster