Wednesday, September 2

Imogen Heap does the incredible

Picture has nothing to do with Immi but that dog is peeing in the right pool

It's really good to be back and on this special sauce situation right now, but let me just show you exactly what I experienced tonight with my roommates and left me astonished at this woman below.... Just Take a look below and don't start crying ok?/??!?aowirh

The first video is Imogen on Letterman who is ridiculous on the show and doesn't really understand what he just witnessed with his eyes

Now Dj Tiesto takes Imogen into his hands while playing for thousands of people and looks so relaxed about it..

Just understand that you may cry while watching the video below because it is actually that intense on your emotions. The song is about a relationship that she had with a male and does an incredible job in transferring her emotions to this beautiful song called Hide and Seek

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